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The ZS4U Supapix Transceiver

This kit was developed by Barney Fourie ZS4U to help restricted licensed radio hams in South Africa to  upgrade to the full license. This kit fulfills the requirement as laid out by the SARL. Just the transmitter alone, when used in CW satisfies the requirements, but by building a working transceiver it actually surpasses the requirement! The design is based on the Pixie and Pixie II designed by WA6BOY. The circuit diagram and construction manual can be downloaded by clicking above. For those keen on reading the discussion thread on the SARL web site regarding this development, please click on the following link...

  After some experimenting and prototyping (even getting the XYL to build one) the final design is complete and works exceptionally well for its small size and simplicity.

The project has been rewarding and the interest shown by the Amateur fraternity is very encouraging. I have seen my wife operate a soldering iron and successfully build the project through all it's stages and seen her excitement as she progressed. Enjoy the kit and good luck with the construction, hope to hear you all up on 40m soon.

73 de Barney ZS4U.

Barney can be contacted on the SARL web site directly or contact him on



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